“Sarah Palin” Spotted at NYU

"Sarah Palin" orders a hot dog, complete with a hokey hockey mom accent.

“One hot dog for the hokey hockey mom, comin’ right up!”

Watch out, Tina Fey: another Sarah Palin doppelganger is on the loose.

New Yorkers were thrown off  (Ha!  – just when you thought it was impossible to throw off New Yorkers!) Monday when a fake “Sarah Palin” (A.K.A. 29-year-old Kristy Webb of the Upright Citizens Brigade) toured the city, stopping to order food from street vendors and play with pigeons.

The faux-VP nominee made her way through Madison Square Garden, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and of course, Washington Square Park.  By that time, a small crowd had assembled, and several NYU students spotted her.

Steinhardt freshman Jordan Griffey witnessed the scene from the window of the Faye’s @ The Square Starbucks.  “She had secret service and everything!” 

As it turns out, the imPalinator was hired by the Daily News to “see what kind of welcome she would get” in New York.  Sounds like a publicity stunt to me.  Talk about contriving news!  How wonderful that the Daily News could add some levity to our daily, um, news lives.

But at least it was all in good fun – well, for some people, that is.  As NYU student Matt Hooper explained, “In this park, I don’t think she’ll be very popular.”  Would the real Sarah Palin please stand up – for herself?


4 responses to ““Sarah Palin” Spotted at NYU

  1. “She had secret service and everything.”
    That is comic genius.
    Whoever said that is hilarious

    and my best friend for life.

  2. I would have thought it was Sarah Palin too (from a distance). Especially since she’s in NYC this week. Oh, and Jordan…next time your at Starbucks have a Pumpkin Spice Latte in my honor!

  3. hahahah I love it, way to be an inspirational blogger…

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