Ben Folds, Estelle, Mayor Bloomberg, and the Rockettes Rock Terminal 5…But Not the Same Terminal 5


Somewhat confusingly, New York is now home to not one, but two very large buildings called Terminal 5 – both of which hosted major events in the same week.  One is a music venue that opened last year on West 56th Street in Manhattan.  The other is a JetBlue terminal at JFK Airport that launched September 23, 2008, with an official opening scheduled for later this month.  Of course, Mazza First Hand Source was on both scenes to keep you covered.

Grammy-nominated UK perfomer Estelle was the surprise featured entertainer at the Opening Party for JetBlue’s Terminal 5, singing about flying to exotic locales with her American Boy, Kanye West.  (Hey, Estelle, you might want to rethink traveling with Kanye in airports).  The party featured a bizarre an eclectic collection of attendants (and we don’t mean the retired flight attendants, who were there modeling their original vintage uniforms – classy!).  We’re talking about the fact that the Rockettes were already decked out – or should we say, decked-the-halls out, in Christmas gear.  (Is it that time already?  It seems to get earlier every year.  It’s not even Halloween yet, folks!)  Oh, and Mayor Bloomberg was there, too.  Aside from the celebrities, JetBlue also invited its own employees and former employees of the now-defunct TWA, which once called the iconic JFK terminal home.

 Despite the party and ribbon-cutting ceremony, the terminal will not be open to the public until October 22.  In the mean time, construction crews are at work on a collection of restaurants and stores – including Muji and Lacoste.

 Meanwhile, Ben Folds was rockin’ the urbs in Manhattan at the other Terminal 5, jamming out to a packed house.  The September 30 concert coincided with the release of his latest album, “Way to Normal,” and Folds played many songs from the new album in the evening’s set.  The majority of the crowd was hearing these songs for the first time, but remained receptive to Folds and to his opener, Australian songstress Missy Higgins.


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