Breaking News: Provincetown Playhouse Protesters Gather at NYU


 A group of protesters from the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation has gathered at about noon today in front of the NYU Law Building, at the intersection of MacDougal and West 4th Streets.  With posters and chants declaring, “NYU!  Shame on you!” and “Preserve, Don’t Demolish!”, the group is voicing its opposition to NYU’s plans to convert the culturally significant Provincetown Playhouse (which is now actually used for apartments and offices) to a new law facility.  With almost unanimous support from the Community Board to begin construction, NYU has vowed to preseve some original features (such as theatre seats), and the facade and some interior walls of the building (approximately 6% of the total space).  But the Society for Historic Preservation believes this is not enough, and is pushing for NYU President John Sexton to halt the plans and for the city to landmark the building.

Do you have a solution to this contentious issue?  Please comment and be heard!

Update: By the way, The New York Times and the Washington Square News picked up this story, but not before Mazza First Hand Source did – we were on the frontlines, first on the scene!


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