How Much Is That…Fishstick in the Window? Bansky Opens The Village Pet Store

You’ll never think of little Fido the same way.  At least, that’s how British graffiti artist Bansky wants you to feel after witnessing the bizarre collection of oddities at his first New York exhibit, The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill.  If you’re repulsed by the fact that the words “Pet Store” and “Charcoal Grill” are in the same sentence, you should be.  The exhibit features a host of animatronic creatures, including, yes, fishsticks swimming in a fishbowl, a leopard fur jacket perched on a tree branch, a breathing monkey with headphones watching television, chicken nuggets dipping themselves in sauce, a mother security camera feeding her baby camera children, and a rabbit testing cosmetic products on itself.  In case you don’t understand (and hey, we don’t blame you), this is Banksy’s statement against society’s treatment of animals.

The walk-though exhibit (the entire retail space is actually the exhibit) takes approximately ten minutes to view.  It is open to anyone free of charge, but be prepared to wait in line.  And hurry!  It closes permanently Friday, October 31.

The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill

89 Seventh Avenue South

New York, NY

10 A.M. to midnight


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