Thousands Rally for Gay Civil Rights and Marriage Equality, and against Proposition 8 in NYC and Nationwide


As part of a nationwide effort organized by Join the Impact and held simultaneously at 1:30 E.S.T. today, thousands gathered at New York’s City Hall to protest gay marriage bans recently enacted in Arizona, California, and Florida, and a ban on adoption for unmarried couples in Arkansas.  Protestors focused on the California’s Proposition 8, which passed with 52% of the vote, contradicting pre-Election Day poll predictions.  The ban “eliminates the right of same-sex couples to marry” and marks the first time in history that civil rights have been removed from the constitution by popular vote.  Because California is considered influential in public policy, the impact of Proposition 8 is being felt around the country.

Participants listened to several speakers, displayed rainbow flags and signs reading “Give Love a Chance,” “Gay is the New Black,” “I Am Not a Second-Class Citizen,” “Should We Sit in the Back of the Bus, Too?” and “Homophobia is a Sin,” and chanted phrases such as “Gay, Straight, Black, White, Marriage is a Civil Right!”  

Though protestors were of course disappointed over these latest setbacks in the struggle for equal rights, many expressed hope that Proposition 8 would be overturned.  Four lawsuits have been filed with the California Supreme Court arguing that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional: on May 15, the Court overturned the previous gay marriage ban, citing that it violated the Equal Protection Clause by denying gay and lesbian people of their fundamental rights.  That clause, as indicated by its name, is intended to protect minority groups from having their civil rights removed by a tyranny of the majority.  The California Supreme Court is expected to address the lawsuits in the near future.


2 responses to “Thousands Rally for Gay Civil Rights and Marriage Equality, and against Proposition 8 in NYC and Nationwide

  1. I am an unmarried heterosexual woman. I am Italian, educated, funny and attractive. To me, all of us are equal. I have had the ,”RARE” opportunity of falling deeply in love with a man. Obviously, it did not work out, but, why am I different from a gay couple? My feelings were real, genuine. It was the happiest time/ event of my life. I don’t think I will ever find it again. No one should be allowed to have a ‘REMARK’ let alone a ‘VOTE OR ‘SAY” about who can and can not have this type of happiness. What if I WERE gay and found that same happiness? What is the difference?Not all of us have those butterflies, floating on air, once in a life-time forever smile and happiness.
    If anyone who knew me, knew I wrote this, they would never believe it. It took for me to fall in love to realize ‘ NO ONE COULD HAVE TALKED ME OUT OF IT, HAD AN INFLUENCE ON MY FEELINGS, OR– A DECISION IN MY LIFE”.
    You can bet you will see this female heterosexual at ANY gay-equal rights rally, parade, and VOTE.
    Thank you

  2. I am a straight 23 year old female from Canada and I am completely for gay marriage. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that Americans have to come to Canada to be married. Marriage is a relationship in which two people have pledged themselves to each other and it’s only a matter of time before this becomes the norm (not just in Canada!). We have so many other things to be worrying about right now, we should be moving forward instead of backwards.

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