Take Back NYU: “We Stormed the Castle!”


As of 4:30 P.M. Thursday, Take Back NYU! protesters remain barricaded inside NYU’s Kimmel Center, disrupting dining service operations there for the day.  In addition to placing signs in windows reading “Solidarity with Gaza” and “NYU is Now Occupied,” the 70 protesters communicate with the audience assembled below via periodic chants from the outdoor balcony.

At 2:00 the group’s list of demands was read through a megaphone from the balcony to cheers from the crowd, including the controversial demands that NYU send educational supplies to Gaza and sponsor 13 scholarships there.  Then the protesters led chants declaring “Take back NYU!”, “This is democracy, that is hypocracy!”, and “We stormed the castle!” (Obviously, the Kimmel dining hall is the center of power at New York University.)  Interestingly, one seasoned police officer was even spotted nodding along to the chants (must be nostalgia for his rebellious days in the ’60s).

So far there has been little official response from the university, but campus spokesman John Beckman told CBS News that the demand to disclose faculty salaries – one of the many directed at creating transparency at NYU – is “not a reasonable request.”



2 responses to “Take Back NYU: “We Stormed the Castle!”

  1. Take Back NYU had to be the most pathetic act of civil disobedience in the history of mankind! ‘Corporate Water’, WTF??? Their “interruption” played out like a mockumentary. Perhaps they should study past acts of resistance to gain a little perspective, if they aren’t too ashamed to ever show their faces again, that is.

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