BREAKING NEWS: Take Back NYU and NYU Begin Negotiations, Police Shut Down West 4th Street and Attempt to Remove Protesters

12:30 AM – NYU has finally agreed to begin negotiations with Take Back NYU, though it refuses to grant protestors amnesty from expulsion.

Protesters continue to occupy the third floor of the Kimmel Center and chant “Whose School?  Our School!” and “This is What Democracy Looks Like!” to the beat of a drum on the balcony.  They are joined by students gathered in a police barricade corral on the street.  A small counter-protest (comprised of students who would prefer to use the student center) develops across the street, complete with signs declaring “Take Back Kimmel!”

Though the police allowed protestors to remain overnight in the building last night, they have announced that they will not be making the same allowance tonight.  Protestors are expected to leave the building by 1 AM; if they refuse, their removal will be facilitated by police force.

Meanwhile, the police have completely shut down West 4th Street between MacDougal and Washington Square East to vehicular traffic.


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