Kimmel Occupation Ends, Students Suspended and Lose Housing, Take Back NYU: “This is Just the Beginning”


The third floor of Kimmel was finally cleared of protesters this afternoon, with officials removing the prominent banners displayed on the balcony.

Eighteen of the NYU students involved in the occupation (the ones who stayed after 1:45 AM) have been informed that they are suspended and prohibited from entering any NYU buildings, including dorms.  Their NYU housing contracts have been terminated – and according to one of the affected students they had 10 minutes to go to their dorms and grab all of their belongings – though they are still responsible for housing payments for the rest of the semester. (Ouch!  Maybe parents will have a protest against children’s wasteful use of their parents’ money!)  The New School students involved are being considered “trespassers.”

Negotiations between protesters and university officials have been minimal, and none of Take Back NYU’s 13 demands has been met.

Despite this, members of Take Back NYU! held a gathering for students and press outside Kimmel following their removal.  They discussed their organization’s continued efforts, including plans to bring their grievences to Mayor Bloomberg at an event on March 5.

CAS Sophomore and protester Emily Stainkamp complained about the administration’s handling of the event, accusing NYU officials of promising full negotiations and then only informing students of their suspensions.  She specifically criticized the Aramark Corporation, which provides food for Kimmel (and to protesters…hello?  They fed you!) for engaging in what she claims is “slave labor.”  She declared that, in light of the organization’s continued efforts and the change they expect from the administration, the Kimmel occupation “is just the beginning.”


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