LATEST BREAKING NEWS: Police Arrest One Student, NYU Allows Protesters to Remain at Kimmel Overnight


As the 1 A.M. deadline set by police for protesters to leave Kimmel arrived, a substantial crowd gathered in front of the building.  However, both police forces and protesters remained in place as the deadline passed.  Suddenly, however, a group of students pushed up against the barricade, and police used wooden sticks to control the crowd.  A few students are reported to have sustained minor injuries.

Then a group of men masking their faces with scarves arrived, carrying black flags and a banner that read “resist.”  It was unclear if that group was affiliated with Take Back NYU.

Minutes later came shouts from the crowd that an undercover police officer was among them.  A tall man in a long brown coat with a fur hood was suddenly surrounded by a group of angry students.  The man did not respond to accusations that he was an undercover officer.  One student in a blue winter cap pushed himself up against the man in what appeared to be an altercation.  During this tense moment, the crowd fell almost silent as a fight looked imminent.  However, the two men were ultimately separated and no fight occurred.

Finally after 2 AM members of Take Back NYU announced through the megaphone on the balcony that they were continuing negotiations with NYU, and that the university had granted them permission to stay overnight.  They encouraged spectators and supporters to “go home and get some rest,” and to return tomorrow for more protesting.

But according to NYU Local, the night’s action did include one arrest: Alex Deschamps (Steinhardt ’09),  for striking a police officer after attempting to climb a “No Parking” sign in front of Kimmel.


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