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“Twilight” Star Robert Pattinson Films in NYC; Gets Attacked by Fans, Hit by Taxi

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It has been a grueling week for “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson, who is in NYC to shoot his latest film, “Remember Me.”  Not only did he have to wake up early in the morning to be on set at NYU’s Silver Center and Washington Square Park, but he was met by throngs of screaming fans – including two sporting “Twighlight” tote bags who were audacious enough to run past the barricades, flail themselves at Pattinson, and snap some “Myspace-style” photos.  Let’s just say the guards (not to mention Pattinson) were not exactly pleased.

To top it all off the actor was grazed by a taxi in front of the Strand Bookstore while attempting to escape from fans.  One of his bodyguards is reported to have shouted, “See what you did?  You almost killed him!”  Seems to me that the more obsessive Robert Pattinson (dare I call him RoPat?) fans become, the less likely it is that they will have someone to obsess about in the future.


The British Invasion: New Yorkers Swarm Opening Day Extravaganza in the Race to the Topshop


“The British are coming!” fashionistas chanted for months after London-based fast fashion retailer Topshop announced its first US store would open in New York.

Well, they’ve arrived.

Granted, it took them a while to get here: Topshop initially entered the American market by introducing only select pieces from its line at Barneys New York, and then delayed the opening of its first full-scale stateside flagship from Fall 2008 to April 2, 2009.  But judging from the lines that wrapped around the block at Broadway and Broome St. in Soho today (Recession?  What recession?), demand and expectations ran high – and many shoppers would probably agree that it was well worth the wait.


Celebrities like Kate Moss, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Trachtenberg, and DJ Mark Ronson (yes, that’s the brother of Lindsay Lohan’s companion/girlfriend/pubilicity stunt/whatever, Samanatha Ronson) were on hand to celebrate the opening of the 40,000 square foot flagship, which stands at more than four stories and includes both the Topshop (women’s apparel and accessories) and Topman lines.

For those unfamiliar with Topshop, the brand falls somewhere between H&M and Banana Republic in style and price: some pieces are  irresistibly cute and inexpensive (like colorful men’s V-neck tees and short-sleeve shirts, two for $20), while others appeal to a more “aspirational” customer (take a $140 seersucker blazer).  The women’s pieces were particularly fashion-forward, adventurous, and stunning (the Kate Moss collection’s sparkly sequined dresses and dangerously spiked heels could only be described accurately as “fierce”).  But many of the men’s urban hipster pieces seemed lackluster, busy (gingham flannel shirt with striped tie?), and we’ve-seen-this-before (high-top shoes).  Overall though, most of the store made a strong showing at a reasonable price.


Many of the day’s customers were enticed by gift cards (ranging from $5 to $500 and redeemable only on April 2) that had been handed out from Topshop vans throughout the city earlier this week.  Additional giftcards (and waterbottles – how thoughtful!) were handed out to shoppers waiting in line.

Topshop’s Soho neighbor, Madewell (the two stores are separated only by the upcoming J. Crew men’s store) also benefited from today’s crowds.  In addition to offering free doughnuts, Madewell created a window display in honor (or should we say, honour?) of the occasion: “A Royal Welcome to Our New Neighbour” and “All Hail the Jean.”  It’s nice to see some friendly retail/international relations instead of the usual cutthroat competition.


Though New York remains the only Topshop outpost in the States for now, the success of today’s opening despite the suffering economy may be an indicator of the potential for nationwide expansion.  A British takeover of America has never sounded so lovely.

Thousands Rally for Gay Civil Rights and Marriage Equality, and against Proposition 8 in NYC and Nationwide


As part of a nationwide effort organized by Join the Impact and held simultaneously at 1:30 E.S.T. today, thousands gathered at New York’s City Hall to protest gay marriage bans recently enacted in Arizona, California, and Florida, and a ban on adoption for unmarried couples in Arkansas.  Protestors focused on the California’s Proposition 8, which passed with 52% of the vote, contradicting pre-Election Day poll predictions.  The ban “eliminates the right of same-sex couples to marry” and marks the first time in history that civil rights have been removed from the constitution by popular vote.  Because California is considered influential in public policy, the impact of Proposition 8 is being felt around the country.

Participants listened to several speakers, displayed rainbow flags and signs reading “Give Love a Chance,” “Gay is the New Black,” “I Am Not a Second-Class Citizen,” “Should We Sit in the Back of the Bus, Too?” and “Homophobia is a Sin,” and chanted phrases such as “Gay, Straight, Black, White, Marriage is a Civil Right!”  

Though protestors were of course disappointed over these latest setbacks in the struggle for equal rights, many expressed hope that Proposition 8 would be overturned.  Four lawsuits have been filed with the California Supreme Court arguing that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional: on May 15, the Court overturned the previous gay marriage ban, citing that it violated the Equal Protection Clause by denying gay and lesbian people of their fundamental rights.  That clause, as indicated by its name, is intended to protect minority groups from having their civil rights removed by a tyranny of the majority.  The California Supreme Court is expected to address the lawsuits in the near future.

Lipstick Jungle and Lipstick on a Pig



 Attention, starstruck NYU students and other various part-time stalkers!  The victor in the Great 2008 Battle of the Sex & the City Knockoffs, NBC’s Lipstick Jungle, has announced it is reserving space on the streets of Soho for filming.  Stars Brooke Shields, Kim Raver, and Lindsay Price (whose character’s name is Victory – coincidence?  Subliminal messaging?) can be seen in fashion-forward outfits around Prince, Thompson, Sullivan, Broome, and West Broadway.  It also appears that NBC has reserved space, specifically along Greenwich Street, for filming next week.  We’re sure New York is happy to see an influx of TV shows film here (Ugly Betty, 30 Rock, Gossip Girl, Life on Mars, Fringe, Damages, and mainstay Law & Order, to name a few), thanks to Governor Paterson’s new tax credit.  But something tells us New Yorkers will be quick to complain about the inconvenience of a TV set interrupting their commute.

 07/10/2008 - Lindsay Price - Lipstick Jungle Television Series Filming in Soho on July 10, 2008 - Soho - New York City, NY, USA  © Janet Mayer / PR Photos

Now that Cashmere Mafia has bitten the dust, and Lipstick Jungle has emerged victorious, we can move on to another (insert Valley Girl voice here), like, totally more important battle: the one between Senators McCain and Obama for the office of U.S. President.

NYU bloggers and/or political junkies congregated in University Hall Tuesday night for “Hack the Debate,” hosted by Current TV, the NYU Debate Team, and the Political Union.  Current TV partnered with twitter.com for the event, allowing debate viewers to post live blog comments, many of which were featured onscreen during Current TV’s broadcast. 

We’ve compiled our picks for the most interesting comments, just for you:

teri_pdp if he’s such a maverick, why is McCain a Republican? Why not an Independent?

jayrosen_nyu Note Four: Obama has a hidden advantage in that he doesn’t begrudge McCain’s right to be on the same stage with him. McCain does; it shows.

jayrosen_nyu Neither McCain and Obama is good at EXPLAINING problems. They have a wonk’s assumption that everyone grasps the problem, so talk solutions.

imdanyl Good pt: McCain wants to buy all a house, Obama wants to give free heath care yet the country is BROKE. Neither get this issue still.

bcrane McCain is the only candidate to present something new during the debate…unfortunately, gov. buying up bad mortgages

disavian McCain’s plan of buying up bad mortgages must have small-government repubs (assuming they still exist?) shitting bricks.

freeulysses Obama/Biden: millions in tax cuts to the 40% that don’t pay any taxes anyway. Because voters want fatter wallets, not sacrifice

 slestak If McCain knows how to get bin Laden, why the hell hasn’t he told George Bush yet?